Lucas Dolega Award 1st Edition

Affiche Prix Lucas Dolega I - 2012

For its first edition, the Lucas Dolega Award was a success : more than a hundred of reports were sent, from 18 countries.

The Jury was presided by Daphné Anglès, Europe Photo Editor for The New York Times and composed of :
Armelle Canitrot, Chief of the photo service at La Croix,
Barbara Herrmann, Chief of the photo service at Stern-Paris,
Kathleen Grosset, Président of the FFAP,
Jean-Luc Monterosso, Founder and Director of the MEP (Europan Museum of Photography in Paris)
Alain Mingam, Photojournalist and member of the executive bureau of RSF,
Laurent Rebours, Photo editor in chief of AP France,
Dimitri Beck, Rédacteur en chef Polka Magazine,
Patrick Chauvel, Photoreporter
and Jean-Francois Julliard, President of Reporters without borders.