The Association


After Lucas’ departure, Nathalie, his partner and us, his parents, friends and colleagues, have decided to pay him homage with the creation of an association. To keep him with us, we had to retrace his career path, to tell his story, to show his pictures. We had to keep a trace of his energy and of his passion for this job. His curiosity for the others implied also to look forward : from there was born our wish to open a platform of information and exchange dedicated to the photojournalists. Its aim is to support them in the preparation of their stories, in their actions on the field and to help them to showcase their work.
Lastly, because Lucas died in Tunisia, at the first moments of the Jasmin Revolution, we had to remind the public that in order to bring back these images that we look at everyday, some men and women take risks.
The Lucas Dolega Association will be dedicated to these objectives of memory, of support to the independant photographers and of raising public awareness.